C4ISR Program Support

i3Tech has worked with various Department of Defense agencies and business partners for over 12 years to ensure our warfighters have the most capable C4ISR systems and knowledge as possible.

i3Tech provides highly trained and seasoned professionals to support the development and use of various C4ISR systems.  i3Tech team members have supported over 70 different systems, applications and capability.  i3Tech team members provide the following services in support of our warfighters:

  • testing, evaluation and quality assurance services for new and updated C4ISR systems
  •  research and development services for new C4ISR systems
  • remote and on-site support for training exercises and real-world operations

IT Project Management

i3Tech has provided IT project management services for over 13 years and prides itself on providing only the strongest and most capable leaders to lead large and complex IT projects.  i3Tech project managers have successfully led IT projects, both in-house projects and projects for various government agencies.  Project managers are the cornerstone for successful IT projects and i3Tech only hires project managers that have vast and relevant experience, knowledge, training and credentials.  

IT Staffing Support and Staffing

i3Tech has been providing experienced and knowledgeable consultants and staff to support various government IT projects for over 13 years.  i3Tech personnel have provided their services for many multi-million dollar projects for California and Nevada government agencies, who have been extremely satisfied with the support they have received.  i3Tech works diligently to recruit the best possible people, ensuring they exceed the government’s requirements, are dedicated and hard-working and believe strongly in taking the initiative to exceed the customer’s expectations.